Energy Efficiency Education

Educating Employees and Training Professionals since 2009

Inditex | Spain

Created corporate communications for global employee magazine on energy savings and the effect on the environment. Provided consulting services on energy efficiency for corporate headquarters facilities.

CampoFrio | Spain

Created and delivered employee training and corporate communications on energy saving strategies. Utilized ISO 50001 in consulting and project management for energy efficiency building analysis.    

Texas State Energy Conservation Office (SECO) 

Apple Energy Group delivered Building Energy Code Training Workshops to 3,400 building professionals across the state of Texas on behalf of the Texas State Energy Conservation Office. In 2011 - 2012, AEG provided workshops to over 1,400 individuals in over 33 cities. In 2016, AEG trained and offered technical assistance for over 2,000 building professionals in over 33 locations across the state of Texas.

Louisiana Housing Corporation Weatherization 

AEG performed training services for the Louisianan Housing Corporation (LHC) headquarters and 11 state and local government agencies in Louisiana. Executed the training of NEAT/MHEA training for agency and client setup, managing the setup and supply library, fuel and measure cost, mechanical and base load diagnostic data, user and health and safety defined measures, analyze audit runs, estimating pre- and post-energy use, and audit data collection, Library setup, Work orders, and manufactured housing audit.  


Apple Energy Group was a subcontractor to ACS to develop and implement the Texas Weatherization Training & Technical Assistance Academy. 

Texas Weatherization Training & Technical Assistance Academy (TDHCA)

AEG’s experience includes the development, implementation, and overall management of a statewide Training Academy, that delivered the Training & Technical Assistance for the TDHCA. AEG trained over 4,000 staff and subcontractors from 44 weatherization agencies across the state of Texas. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the instruction, AEG delivered quarterly Train-the-Trainer events to its 24 trainers, and integrated a combination of live classroom teaching, hands-on field instruction, and online supplemental support. 


AEG consistently delivered a rapid and flexible response to the TDHCA as the needs of agencies evolved. This evolution is demonstrated by AEG’s additional deliverables of follow-up technical assistance and curriculum development from 2012 - 2015. These services consisted of an AEG technical consultant(s) advising agency office staff, auditors, and crew members on ways to engage staff, streamline workflow, increase productivity, comply with federal state, and local regulations, and troubleshoot problems. The Training Academy was recognized for its accomplishments by the Secretary of Energy.

Colorado Energy Office of Colorado (Formerly GEO) 

AEG performed training and consulting services for the Colorado Energy Office headquarters and 11 state and local government agencies across Colorado. AEG communicated with the individual agencies to determine the issues they were facing, developed library setup protocol for each agency, and submitted a NEAT/MHEA protocol manual to CEO staff, for use by the agencies. 

Georgia Environmental Finance Authority

AEG developed and delivered a Multi-Family Weatherization training program to GEFA.  The program included curriculum development, field and classroom training and technical assistance, and custom website development. In order to equip every type of agency staff member, AEG developed four curricula for the program: Multi-Family Management, Multi-Family Energy Auditor, Multi-Family Crew, and Multi-Family Advanced for Auditors and Crew.  AEG used these curricula to train and provide follow-up technical assistance to 20 local weatherization agencies.  In addition, AEG has provided Building Performance Institute (BPI) training, which included a substantial amount of Combustion Appliance Zone (CAZ) training, to agencies throughout the state. 

Mortgage Finance Authority 

AEG provided trainers for the New Mexico Energy $mart Academy. Teaching to DOE curriculum, AEG trainers delivered classroom and field training for students across New Mexico’s three diverse climate zones.  AEG’s training included courses on NEAT/MHEA, Mobile Home Weatherization, Energy Audit, and Weatherization Fundamentals.

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