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BPI-Air Conditioning or Heat Pump Professional Course - Coming Soon

Brief course Overview

This course is intended for those individuals who wish to prepare for the BPI-Air Conditioning or Heat Pump Professional Certification exams.

The course will cover the following:

  • Intermediate Building Science
  • A/C of heat pump systems and their interaction with other building systems
  • Intermediate knowledge and application of measurement and verification of building performance
  • BPI National Standards and Project Specifications
  • Optimizing the installation, operation and maintenance of building systems
  • Professional ethics, conduct and communications

Why take BPI-Air Conditioning or Heat Pump Professional Training?

The BPI-Air Conditioning or Heat Pump Professional Certification is intended for those who wish to install, maintain and verify performance of refrigerant based mechanical systems.

Prerequisite Requirements

Students must have the 40 CFR Section 608 Type II or Universal; or NATE AC Service of NATE Heat Pump Service.


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