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We are bringing Energy Code Updates and Guidance to 30 cities across Texas.

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Residential Workshop: 2009 IECC Residential and 2009 IRC: Chapter 11
Commercial Workshop: 2009 IECC Commercial



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Ron Rodriguez

Apple Energy Trainer

Ron Rodriguez currently serves as a senior consultant for Apple Energy Group in Austin, Texas. He provides Apple Energy Group’s weatherization training for the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs. Ron has professional experience with thirty years in the construction industry, twenty-nine years experience in weatherization and building science for energy use as well as twenty years classroom and field experience in weatherization and energy efficiency protocols.

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“If you’re looking for certification training to enter the Building Performance Industry, if you’re interested perhaps in gaining a BPI certification, if you’re trying to further your education for whatever reason, I can’t make any stronger recommendation than that you sign up for a course hosted by Apple Energy Group. These guys have got the right stuff. And I think it’ll be well worth your time to stick with your course of study in order to move your career forward. You’ll probably use one of our textbooks in that course and I think that what you’re going to learn is going to be more than you could possibly hope for. Apple Energy Group can do that for you. Good luck in this next career transition.”

Chris Dorsi

Saturn Resource Management, Co-Author of Residential Energy

Saturn Resource Management


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